Marquis single by L.O.C

I have already review this single one time in Vents Magazine, But I have a lot to say about it…

January 30 L.O.C. will release his 8th studio album “Sakrilegium” Marquis is the first single from the album, I find the song very interesting, because of what it makes me think about, I probably have analyzed it wrong. But I don´t know.

Marquis is a hereditary title of nobility. But I don´t believe it is the case here, I think it is Marquis de Sade L.O.C. refers to.
Marquis de Sade was a french aristocrat, politician and write. He is known for his libertine sexualily. He published short stories, plays etc… some he denied to even had been written, he is best known for his erotic works. Which were  philosophical displaying pornography, fantasies focusing on violence and blasphemy.
Napoleon Bonaparte  ordered the writer of Juliette and Justine arrested in 1801, de Sade was arrested and send to prison without trial, he were later declared insane.
His libertine lifestyle involved prostitutes and sodomy with a male servant.
Sadism and sadist is derived of de Sade name.

A line in the song is : “Vi er midt i Sodoma og Gomorrah med hjertet åben, (We are in the middle of Sodom and Gomorrah with the heart open). Which refers to the biblical story of Lot. Lot lived in Sodom. God send two angels to warn Lot before he destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the male citizens of Sodom, went to Lots house, and demanded Lot to give them the angels, so they could get to KNOW them. Sodom and Gomorrah – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Sodomy is derived  of sodom, which leads back to Marquis de Sade.

“Silicone selvværd dykker i min swimming pool, CV han sagde det, ( Silicone self-esteem diving in my swimming pool, CV he said it,)” is for some weird reason my favorite line in the song. I think it have something to with, that I personally think, that to many change them self with silicon and botox, instead of just accepting what they have been given, no one is perfect. Our society focus too much on looks etc… To a point where everything seems hollow, most people forget that beauty fades, what will they do then?
To get back on track, CV I think it is CV Jørgensen.
CV Jørgensen have made a song “Costa Del So” that is basically about fleeing to a  luxury-exile in Spain. I wont say much about it, since I had to ask my little literature wizard, since I really don’t know anything about CV Jørgensen.

To summon it all up, I think marquis is in some ways about Marquis de Sade, not the sadistic, violent way. But the lifestyle he had, the irresponsible, immoral, unfaithful etc… lifestyle that many still live. I don´t know if I am right or not, and I really don´t care, this is what the song means to me.

There is much more to the song, but if I should talk about it all I would never be done. I am really looking forward to the album.

L.O.C. is not the kind of artist I normally listen to, but he have a way of saying things, I find very interesting, and that for me makes him stand out from the rest of the Danish rapper/hip hopper.


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